Windows to MacBook (End of an Era)— Here’s why

Aaron Webb
4 min readJan 19, 2024

After 32 years I’ve finally brought a MacBook.

Nothing personal Microsoft, HP, Dell, etc.

But there are 5 reasons which have been bubbling away for some time now that I’ll explain below.

Quick history

I’ve long been anti-Apple with many fights at school & university with die hard Mac fans. I’ve worked for HP & Dell with many close friends employed at Microsoft. Obviously the staff discounts helped in my preference but also the range of products on offer was attractive.

I’m writing this on my trusted HP Envy which has served me incredibly well since 2019 but is now dying a slow death. For a 5 year old mid range laptop it can still manage 4K video editing, a few games, and even run as a server (albeit with a struggle and having nothing else opened). However, as I wait patiently for my MacBook to arrive it’s time to say thanks and goodbye.


2012 — I brought my first ever Apple product! The iPod shuffle 4th (RIP) — One of the best music players made. Load hundreds of songs, hit play and let the randomness take you on a journey.

2022 — I brought my first iPhone (13) after years of Android worshipping and again many fights at university in demonstrating how better an Android is (speed & camera tests). Plus, even my trademark trick of dropping a Sony Ericsson K750i into a pint of beer. Drink the pint. Then continue using the phone before asking…



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