Why I listen to the radio instead of watching TV in the morning

Aaron Webb
2 min readNov 15, 2023

When did the morning news become an entertainment show?

Photo by Amanna Avena on Unsplash

I used to enjoy watching the news each morning before work to get my update on what’s happening around the world.

But now it seems silly.

Over the top Hollywood graphics and dramatic sound effects. ‘Boom, boom boom…breaking news…Company X gets hacked’. Here’s a guy in a hoodie wearing an anonymous mask looking scary with techno music playing in the background to illustrate this story’.

Can’t you just inform me of the story without emotion? Instead of presenters who just read a script without adding anything extra to the story.

Recently, I wake up to live ‘action’ shots of Gaza being bombed — essentially streaming the death and destruction of families.

Hopefully, I’m not the only one who thinks ‘I don’t want to watch live images of innocent people dying’. It’s weird.

Especially, narrated by white, privileged presenters in their air conditioned studio who have no idea what’s going on.

and please — How many times does a nutritionist have to tell the public how to eat healthy with this new revolutionary diet — “Eat broccoli and avoid sugar” a women wearing far too much make up informs me. No shit! I never…



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