Triathlon Supplements

Aaron Webb
12 min readMar 15, 2024

I often get asked what supplements I take during training & races. So here’s an overview. Enjoy.

I’ve also added ‘Whats in my bottles for each triathlon race’ at the end.

The below has been taken from my book ‘Beyond the Transition’ which you can get from the Amazon Kindle store.

Summary — Supplements work. They fuel your training and race. Help you recover faster and can provide that extra %. However, do your own research — trial/error, read medical journals, and ask the manufacturers. Take the time to understand your body and how it reacts to supplements. Once you find a winning formula, stick to it!

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Protein Powder

Whey Protein Isolate or a blend. I’ve tried protein powder, from vegan pea blends to egg and soy based. Of course, it depends on your diet plan and body. However, I’ve found a Whey Protein Isolate or WPI is the best powder to buy for that instant replenishment. Typically, after a gym or intense training session. WPI gets absorbed quickly into the muscles. Avoid anything over 30 grams of protein per serving, you don’t need it,and your body can’t process that amount. So, most of it will end up in the toilet.

As a triathlete, it’s about feeding your muscles a constant source of protein. Fast-releasing protein like WPI is also great for halftime fuel during long 3–5hr+ workouts, typically…



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