Training for my 8th marathon

Aaron Webb
3 min readApr 30, 2024

I have a goal to run a marathon every year.

This year I’m much heavier after joining a gym but that won’t stop me completing the distance.

It has however taught me valuable lessons in endurance training whilst carrying extra weight.

Drinking heaps of water. Starting off slow. Reduce the intensity on leg day.

Previously, I was a serious endurance athlete. Training 20hrs+ a week for Ironman triathlons and monthly half marathon events. Weighing sub 80kg with little muscle created an enjoyable running experience.

This time it's proving to be challenging with an extra 16kg of muscle.

Last September I signed up to my local marathon which takes place at the end of May 2024.

Shortly after signing up, I took a 6 month break from endurance training to focus on muscle building & bulking up.

Then at the start of March I had a realisation that running 42.2km whilst carrying 96kg was going to be hard — especially with little running training over the summer. I weighed 80kg for my last marathon in August 2023. So an extra 16kg was going to hurt.

Here’s a quick overview of the lessons learnt and useful tips for anyone with a marathon coming up but who also likes lifting weights.

  1. Keep leg day in the weekly training calendar but reduce the weights. Muscular strength is needed for any endurance training. People believe it will slow them down or that…



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