Thank You, Queen Elizabeth II

Aaron Webb
2 min readSep 8, 2022

No medium post, book, documentary or film could summarise the life of Queen Elizabeth II. It would be impossible to condense an incredible period of selflessness, hard work & leadership. However, I wish to pay my respects from the shores of Australia to an icon of this world.

Her legacy will live on for generations. Her devotion to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth will always be remembered.

As a child, I remember debating amongst other 10-year-olds if the crown would skip Prince Charles and land on Prince Williams's head instead. It’s remarkable to think that 20 years later, the Queen would still be carrying out her duties, smiling at the crowds, and honouring her promises.

I was fortunate to see the Queen & Prince Philip drive past, coming out of a back exit from Buckingham Palace, down a quiet street with only a few around. They both waved and smiled at me. I wondered how often they repeated this gesture, yet they seemed happy and delighted I was there smiling back.

August 2012 outside Buckingham Palace

For anyone to work until they’re 96 is unfathomable. Regardless of your thoughts towards the monarchy. This statistic stands out as one that will never be repeated. There have been other great leaders in this world, but many only last 10% of HM the Queen's reign. To serve for that long, to be in the public eye, attend events, travel around the world, and constantly demonstrate stability wherever she went is incredible.

Moments like these are rare. They will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Your service, beliefs, humour and strength will never be forgotten.

Thank You.

Aaron Webb

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