January 2023 – Books Read

Aaron Webb
7 min readFeb 2

I read four books in January 2023. Here is a short review of each.

Reading is a fantastic hobby to implant into your daily routine. I read for at least 30 minutes every night before bed.

Tom Felton – Beyond the Wand 4/5

A classy and honest autobiography provides fantastic insights into Malfoy’s life. I didn’t know much about Tom before reading this book. Only my emotional recollection of his blonde hair and bullying tactics at Hogwarts brought back bad experiences from my school life. As a result, I naturally gravitated away from his personal life and other acting roles. However, as Tom describes beautifully in this book, he experienced fans booing him at premiers and kids telling him to stop bullying Harry. This is acting. He played the role of Malfoy as instructed by the words of JK Rowling.

Opening the book on the 1st of January with no expectations provided for a beautiful read. I was fascinated by his career outside of Harry Potter. Like many, or whether it was just me, I only pictured Tom working as Malfoy. That was his first and only job. Leading to life by the beach, enjoying the money rolling in from the world’s most successful franchise. I had no idea he was cast in several famous movies – I’m looking forward to watching these and admiring his acting skills outside of the Slytherin colours.

The memoirs are easy to read. The chapters are structured in a well-mannered way. The book takes you on a journey from his early school memories, family holidays, and into his acting career. Even though Tom went off the rails several years after filming Harry Potter, he avoids finger-pointing or blaming anyone for this part of his life. Even at rock bottom, spending days in the bars and eventually escaping a rehab centre, Tom accepts responsibility. One can only wonder if Prince Harry is taking note. How to write an autobiography without the negativity aimed at others who don’t have the chance to provide their side of the story.

Mental health is incredibly important, rather than accepting large cheques for TV interviews and a Netflix series. The most impactful way to express your struggles…

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