Introducing LearnOnChain — Web3 Education Platform

Aaron Webb
7 min readMar 9

Our Vision: An Educational Web3 Platform secured on the blockchain where anyone can learn and educate in a fully decentralised environment.

Our Mission: Revolutionise the current education system by providing a secure, transparent, and personalised digital learning experience.

Our Goal: Provide opportunities to learn an endless range of subjects taught via classes, lectures or 1:1 tutoring with world-class teachers having a platform to earn additional income from providing the educational material and teachings.


The emergence of blockchain technology has revolutionised various industries, from supply chains to gaming. As a result, the education sector has incredible opportunities to adopt web3 and digitalise the learning environment into a decentralised, secure, and personalised platform for both students & teachers.

Our proposed LearnOnChain Web3 Platform aims to solve the existing challenges of traditional learning by providing a modern, fun, and accessible environment.

Education is influenced mainly by the student’s background, location, finances and teacher availability, creating a divide. As a result, students miss out on opportunities to learn a diverse range of subjects, with teacher’s hours and pay governed by the traditional mode.

However, with the increasing popularity and adoption of blockchain, anyone from anywhere can access world-class teaching in a digital environment.

The LearnOnChain World opens endless possibilities for classroom environment learning, lecture theatre-style education and 1:1 private tutoring with world-class teachers.

A Learn to Earn Model (L2E) for global adoption will be incorporated into the platform for students and teachers to benefit from and enhance their overall experience.

Key Features of LearnOnChain

  1. Decentralised Learning Environment: Students and teachers create and own their data in a global, digitalised platform. Users participate in platform development decisions, voting on proposals and DAO spending.
  2. Governance &
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