I wrote my first book! Lessons Learnt

Aaron Webb
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On the 22nd of December 2022, I emailed an Australian Book Publishing Company with my manuscript. A 60,000-word book on my 10-year journey as a triathlete, from accidentally competing in the British Universities Triathlon Championship in 2012 to finishing an Ironman in under 10 hours in 2022.

Alongside the manuscript, a one-page synopsis with a brief overview of the book, the intended target audience, and a short author bio was attached to the email.

Who knows if they’ll respond or even read it? The goal is obviously to become a full-time author with books published in hard copies worldwide, supporting audiobooks and the space to pour my introverted (sometimes weird) thoughts and advice onto pages for readers to enjoy.

Quick History & Lessons

Like many, I had a goal to write a book. Alongside the typical goals of building an app, climbing a mountain, and winning the lottery. Years passed without much progress. Just plenty of words spoken at cafes and over a beer in the bars.

Granted, I didn’t have much free time to write a novel from 2019 to 2022 whilst studying for a master's degree, working full time and training for an Ironman triathlon. However, once the degree & training stopped, I finally had space.

During this period, I wanted to do everything. I even became a contestant on the TV Show — The Chase Australia. I had always wanted to go on and hopefully win some money. Years of watching the show from the comfort of my sofa, I would often get the question correct whilst shouting at the contestants for their incorrect answers. I’m going to apply and win all the money, I thought.

The next day I caught up with my mentor and provided the dinner's entertainment by reciting the experience and struggles of answering simple questions with cameras, lights and producers all staring down. He said why did you go and make a fool of yourself? What’s your goal in life?

“I said it’s about ticking boxes. Go on TV, tick. But my goal is to become an author.”

“So do that! Write a book. Get a publisher”

This was July 2022, and I set myself a goal to write a book by the end of the year.

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