How I dropped my weight 8%

Aaron Webb
6 min readFeb 11, 2022

For years I was hovering around the 85kg weight at 6ft2in.

In order to get lean, I dipped into countless diets, training regimes, dos & don’ts from ‘experts' with no success. Tracked calories religiously. Prepared meals. Took heaps of fat burner supplements. Tried a vegan diet, keto, sugar-free, this free, no that, etc.

I saw short-term benefit from doing ‘X Plan' but after a few weeks, I would jump back on the scales and be back to where I started.

Then I just started acting normal.

Let me explain

The Romans, Greek Gladiators, & our super ripped ancestors didn’t weigh out kale on a Sunday or spend $100 on fat-free organic superfoods from their local health food shop.

Then moved, ran, swam, climbed, walked & ate to fuel these activities.

They were not lying on the sofa, wishing they had a flat stomach whilst going down rabbit holes on the latest trend to lose weight. Nor were they weighing themselves & freaking out if their % body fat increased by 0.01%

Yes, you can shred a few pounds very quickly. Actors, boxers, and models follow these instant win steps.

Hugh Jackman didn’t drink for 36hours before a shoot in Les Miserable to look super lean.

Boxers and UFO fighters would sit in a sauna for hours without drinking any water afterward to get under the weight limit.

I’ve tried these quick wins, and they work.

During Ironman training I could easily lose 3kgs on a Saturday morning. Train for 7 hours in 30c heat, jump into a hot bath with no extractor fan on or windows open. Limit the amount of water drunk. Bingo — You look super ripped.

But you feel terrible.

You will put the weight back almost immediately once the Instagram photoshoot has finished, as the body screams for replenishment.

Being Mentally Stable to Lose Weight

I now eat sensibly, focus on hitting my training goals, have a few treats along the way but ultimately strive for happiness.

As I’ve been into my fitness and healthy eating for many years, I get at least one person a week ask me ‘Aaron, how can I lose weight, ‘Can you put together a diet plan’, or ‘I’m struggling to lose my belly fat.’

Aaron Webb

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