Cyber Governance in 2024 — What Needs to Be Done

Aaron Webb
4 min readFeb 12, 2024

Focus on cybersecurity governance and regulation reached new heights in 2023. Significant data breaches, political focus, and global conflict helped fuel this push. 2024 promises to be an interesting year for cybersecurity.

Major upcoming elections, supply chain tensions, and countries deciding on alliances will mean the importance of governing cybersecurity has to be front and center for corporations and governments. At the other end of the spectrum, scams and exploiting everyday folks have gotten out of control.

How many times a week do you get a scammer trying to call you, a new moonshot crypto coin promoting an airdrop, or even our sensitive information (health/finance) data exploited on the dark web? We need to manage this space. Force those who control the strings to make decisions that make our lives safer from fraudsters and hackers.

Alongside, improving national security to ensure we live, work, and play in a safe environment — both physically and digitally.

What Needs to Improve in 2024

Fines Don’t Work

A $1 billion fine for Meta/Amazon for breaching privacy rules and effectively exploiting your data and trust for their benefit doesn’t work.

It’s like FIFA handing out $30k fines to European clubs whose racist fans scream monkey chants at the players — the club spends more on toilet roll a year for their staff. In 2024, we still hear…



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