A) Drop your weight and cheat.

B) Read the below tips to tune your racing tactics, be honest with yourself, & get stronger.

Zwift is a great online platform for cyclists & runners to exercise, train or race without leaving your house.

Racing can be fun, rewarding & brutal…that's just…

4 Steps to Achieve more Each Day

“I’m at capacity.”

“I’m under the pump.”

“I have no more bandwidth.”

You’ve no doubt heard one of these comments from a colleague or even said one today.

When someone says to me, ‘Aaron! I’m at capacity and have no time to do anything else.” …

I recently finished my first Ironman Triathlon at 10:21:59. After four years of training, these five lessons helped me cross the finish line.

I started training for an Ironman in 2017 after stumbling across the Cairns event in Australia. Walking through the airport, I saw signs saying, ‘Welcome athletes.’ I…

For centuries, philosophers have debated over the good and bad of ethical behavior to help shape the moral principles of today’s society

Influenced by a 1967, philosophical thought experiment known as the trolley problem, software engineers face similar dilemmas when programming autonomous vehicles to act in a certain way based…

I read several posts last December for predictions in 2020. Some funny. Some truthful. Some wrong. So I thought I’ll give it a go.

Aaron Webb

Ironman athlete, Master Degree in Cyber Security, working in the Sydney banking industry. Newbie to Crypto 👋

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