5 Steps for Quick & Easy 1000x Crypto Gains

Aaron Webb
2 min readMar 11, 2022

The crypto world is full of rabbit holes with 1000s of tokens, websites predicting token price in 5–10yrs, and anyone with internet access providing advice.

I have developed a strategy to return 1000x within a few weeks which I’m happy to share below. Hopefully, this works for you and saves you hours of time researching tokens.

  1. Follow YouTube Channels that overanalyze price charts. I find the more lines drawn on the chart, with resistant lines, predicted breakouts, and trends are the best. The end of the video should look like a 5yr old has drawn random scribbles, shapes, and diagrams.
  2. Follow Twitter Accounts that tweet 100x a day on what tokens to buy, when to buy, and future predictions. Setup notifications so you immediately receive the advice before anyone else. I find the greater the variance in support for random tokens the better. This shows the Twitter Account accepts payments from any token to promote via their channel.
  3. Check pricing charts every 10 minutes. If a token you’ve invested in drops 50% but you were told by the developers “We’re going to moon” then immediately complain on the Discord or Telegram channels — Regardless of the wider market changes or non-crypto related activities that can impact the price. This will get the attention of the team who will work harder to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
  4. Filter tokens with the most gains in 24hrs and throw everything into it. Ignore the $10k market cap and brand new nature of the token. Hold for a few weeks and you’ll make a 1000x return. You got in early and will be rewarded for not spending time researching the token.
  5. Finally, the most important tip I can provide is to follow people who have little experience, knowledge, or skills in the financial markets. Crypto is a different ball game and we need fresh ideas. Those ‘Crypto Influencers’ who dropped out of school, never worked a day in their life, and are oblivious to how businesses & Government work — These people are your go-to.

Immediately follow anyone on Social Media who predicts USDT to hit $5 in the next year.

Thank you for reading. I hope you make the investment you deserve.

Aaron Webb

Aussie | Sponsored Triathlete | Master's Degree in Cyber Security | Founder of LearnOnChain.io👋

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