I read several posts last December for predictions in 2020. Some funny. Some truthful. Some wrong. So I thought I’ll give it a go.

  1. The first direct link between a cyber attack and a human fatality — Either a hospitals ICU will get breached or state sponsored attackers targeting local infrastructure
  2. The Olympics will go ahead and France will be 3rd in the medals table — Significant finances loses and minimal crowds allowed
  3. Trade wars will increase and evolve with public involvement — Citizens will get behind their local government and boycott countries who impose tariff
  4. Global suicide rates will increase dramatically after the economic and mental health impact from 2020 — Mainly within health workers with new legislations brought in to protect their workload
  5. Weapons testing will escalate into new territory. Countries will showcase their capability in regular displays, media releases and joint practices with allies. A new war will happen by 2025.
  6. Tottenham Hotspur will win the EPL (Hopeful)
  7. Climate change will dominate headlines with protests, countries signing up to new agreements, and demonstrating their zero emissions targets
  8. Prince Phillip will pass
  9. Cryptocurrency will crash in Easter then rise to new heights in Early December
  10. Finally, Governments will build upon the 2020 COVID location tracking technology and slowly develop a greater big brother premise. Protests will erupt to stop this but support will back our data being monitored by elected officials in return for greater security, health and economic benefits.



Ironman athlete, Master Degree in Cyber Security, working in the Sydney banking industry. Newbie to Crypto 👋